• Vernon Hogg

Business support company launched

A Shropshire man with 25 years experience at senior management level has launched a new company offering a range of business development services to assist growing sectors with efficiency, strategic planning and profitability.

Vernon Hogg, from Oswestry, was previously managing director of a high brand retailer in the county and has now started his own venture, called Hadleigh Management, from offices in Vanguard Way at Battlefield Enterprise Park, in Shrewsbury.

The offices have been developed for owners or leaders to call in and talk about their business in a relaxed and informal manner. “It’s lonely at the top sometimes trying to juggle everything and its great to gain another perspective on things from someone who has been there,” said Vernon.

The new venture is a tailor-made business practice delivering the renowned ‘Quantum Leap’ program, which is a three-month development initiative focusing on specific improvements in any given sector to increase revenue, beat procrastination and reduce time stress in both management and staff. A free Keynote presentation can be arranged on business premises or at the Hadleigh offices.

Vernon continued: “Recent research has shown that a good work-life balance is far more important to most people than money or material rewards, but for this to be successful a combined vision and collaboration between the workforce and ownership needs to be achieved.

“Strangely, research also shows that the ‘golden age’ for motivation is 51 years old, as people in that stage of their life are enthusiastic and flexible, combined with a demand for challenges and a desire to learn and develop. Hadleigh Management expects to help install this highly positive attitude in any age of person!

“I operate with an abundance of chosen partners from many business and academic sources, helping to manage business growth, overcome the barriers of change, drive future vision, innovation, business planning, marketing and staff mentoring development.” he explained.

Vernon is married with one son, has a Master of Science degree in strategic management, is a Fellow of the Institute of Leading Managers and is a keen motoring enthusiast, owning a classic Honda Civic ‘Eddie Jordan’ model.


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