Vernon Hogg

Vernon is an experienced managing director and leader in business, with a demonstrated history of working in the SME sector having worked with numerous global brands. He is skilled in business development, managing vision, business planning, marketing, innovation and organisational change development.


Through working in partnership, he supports many privately-owned business owners with strategy planning. He works to help them overcome barriers for future success, create innovation, segment new routes to market and implement business plans to make the business owner accountable. 

He is very experienced in multi-million pound business investments, delivering to exacting standards. Vernon is a strong business professional, with a huge passion for business.


Vernon believes that everyone who commits and invests in their business deserves the best returns. However, you cannot be the master of everything and you can benefit from letting some people in to help, support and guide you. This is the reason why he has established Hadleigh Management - to make an impact and contribution to your business.

Chris Gough

Chris is an approachable professional business partner with an open, accessible and inclusive leadership style with many years of IT and management experience. He is a highly ethical leader who achieves alignment of people and teams to execute vision and goals.

He has previously led a small business office for the Hewlett Packard enterprise, facilitating the use of SMEs within the corporation and working closely with the department for business, energy and industrial strategy. He worked with SMEs, reviewing the data they have to allow them to make data-driven decisions - helping them work through issues and position them so they have the ability to work with large corporations.

He has a strong background in IT (Cyber) security and was the deputy SIRO (Senior Information Risk Officer) for Hewlett Packard in the UK.


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